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Bar Business Cocktail Consultancy


Flair UK provide expert advice in matters pertaining to increasing sales, product knowledge, and business transformation from some of the most influential names in UK Bartending, mixology and Flair.

Bar Flair Mixology Training

Training Courses

Flair UK provide a diverse range of training courses to meet the needs of the individual and the business. These courses range from our beginner course to an advanced course. The number of days varying upon difficulty and intensity level selected.

These courses can be tailored to your requirements.  For more information please use our contact us page for an information booklet.

Cocktails Hire a Bartender, Events VIP

Promotions, Exhibitions and Hire a Flair Bartender

Flair UK are equipped to handle your every need, whether it be from promoting a car launch to a new product launch or even a launch of a new menu. We have a range of VIP services available, please contact us for information. We accept bookings for both corporate and private events and are available for hiring out mobile bars and some of the UK's best Flair Bartenders and mixologists to ensure the highest standard for your event.